Don't LOOK at the Keys! Book 3 (wider leaps using all the keyboard)

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Don't LOOK at the Keys!…

The Don't LOOK at the Keys series

Making sight reading easier and more effective. A progressive set of imaginative pieces to take students and teachers step by step through the technique.

'I do have Books Two and Three as well. 'Don't LOOK at the Keys!' Book One was particularly a great hit with my pupils as a sight reading book...really good for pupils from below grade 1 right up to grade 7 level......Never before have I had them asking to do sight reading each week'
(unsolicited testimonial from Dawn Wakefield, piano teacher, Norfolk)

'Don't LOOK at the Keys!' is a progressive series in three parts, teaching piano keyboard geography by touch, in an accessible, enjoyable way, making sight reading easier and more effective.

In Book 3 pieces with wider leaps all over the keyboard follow careful instruction, clear direction and comprehensive exercises to build confidence. The music offers a wide variety of styles including jazz, more traditional, boogie woogie and to conclude a piece in 'stride piano' to demonstrate progress made by following the series - INSPIRATIONAL AND GREAT FUN!

Why should I buy this book?

It is the only book to practise pieces and give instruction to play piano by touch. It is not just another sight reading practice book of which there are many good ones already on the market.

How does it do this?

Step by step it instructs and develops the skill and confidence to look at the music instead of the hands. Book 1 starts by encouraging students (and their teachers) to find middle C by FEELING for the groups of two and three black notes. This is followed by a plethora of imaginative, inspiring pieces to practise, develop and improve the skills. Book 2 builds on a knowledge of scales and arpeggios. Book 3 HAS A SERIES OF EXERCISES TO PRACTISE AND DEVELOP THE ESSENTIAL KNOWLEDGE OF KEYBOARD GEOGRAPHY. To conclude there are two pieces to demonstrate the progress made by following the series.

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Price £9.50
ComposerRichard Smith
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SeriesDon't LOOK at the Keys
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Published 27th October 2016
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There are some wonderful exercises at the beginning of book do a few of these as a warm-up each practice session would be very beneficial...These books are warmly recommended for ALL students, not JUST those who consistently persist on looking down at their hands!

Liz Dewhurst for Piano Professional