My Piano, My Body and Me - Book 1

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My Piano, My Body and Me…

Motivating students to develop musical skills at the piano is a constant challenge for teachers. Attractive repertoire is elusive, yet the need exists throughout a pianist's life.

The book invites students to explore for themselves the intricacies of the instrument, comparing the characteristics of the high notes with the low ones, the effects of the pedals, playing with the lid open and more.

Why should I buy this book?

This is more than just a book on piano technique! It is designed for serious piano students of all abilities and ages to practise an integrated approach to the piano, the human body and playing musically with a sound technique.
How does it do this?

It features the piano, its history and what makes it unique, and how the human body may be best positioned to make the most of it. It includes specially written pieces to practise specific technical skills; e.g. pedalling, independent hand control, cantabile.

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Price £9.50
ComposerRichard Smith
CategoryPiano Tutor
SeriesMy Piano, My Body and Me
ISBN 978-0-9575012-4-9
ISBN-10 0-9575012-4-2
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Published 31st August 2015
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This book is thoroughly recommended. Quite how he has fitted so much information with wonderful accompanying pieces to demonstrate the techniques etc in only 22 pages is astounding.

Piano Professional