Crazy Crotchets & Quirky Quavers

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"Crazy Crotchets & Quirky Quavers!" is a set of action piano duets with a difference to let piano teachers give their students a treat. Fun to play at school concerts and a joy to watch!

Why should I buy this book?

It is a set of wacky, fun action piano duets designed to liven up school concerts and add spice to piano lessons.

How does it do this?

Players swap places ('Split Ends'), play with an orange, or a rag - why else are pieces called 'Rags'? - ('Key Cleaning Rag'), appear to get in each others' way ('The Standing Up, Leaning Over, Sitting Down Waltz') and more....yet the music never stops! Sparkling!


'Crazy Crotchets & Quirky Quavers' features in the Battersea Piano Festival (for the second year running) and for the first time in the Herefordshire Festival of Performing Arts. Both take place in March 2017 - Battersea on Saturday 11, Herefordshire on Thursday 30.

Participants choose any one of the wacky duets and they are judged on their level of musicianship as well as the fun they derive from the piece - a little light hearted relief amid the festival merry-go-round! Richard is the guest adjudicator in both London and Hereford.

Cat No. EYE122
Price £9.50
ComposerRichard Smith
CategoryPiano Duet
ISBN 978-0-9575012-2-5
ISBN-10 0-9575012-2-6
EAN-13 9780957501225
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Published 28th February 2014
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This is such fun and an absolute delight to the audience....a real find.

Piano Professional