For Young Composers & Their Teachers

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Easy to read and attractively laid out, 'for young composers (and their teachers)' invites students to create their own compositions from the outset as well as giving reassuring reference for the hesitant teacher.

Intended for beginners and above, the book provides support for GCSE Music, ABRSM theory and the composition element of Trinity College practical examinations.

Why should I buy this book?

It is the only book on basic composition to help students who want to compose as well as teachers who want to support them, even those teachers who themselves do not compose.

Particularly suitable for GCSE Music, ABRSM Grade 5 theory and the composition option for Trinity Guildhall practical examinations.

How does it do this?

Starting at the beginning ('What is Music?') the book goes step by step through incidental music for films, drama, etc., then through the elements of composition, rhythm, melody, dynamics, ending with a basic outline of musical form.

'Points to Ponder' sections give specific teacher stimulus material in each chapter.

Ask the author to run a one day composition workshop for teachers in your

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Price £10.95
ComposerRichard Smith
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Published 1st January 2014
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How to start....also to KEEP composing with new and fresh ideas....Another excellent book by Richard.

Piano Professional